Friday, June 27, 2008

So much love

Tainted hearts, broken souls,
Somewhere at the end the church bell tolls
The grave awaits, the after life
One wonders who will finally lay beside
The mummy had anak-su-namun
But, one love? What rubbish, I’ve had three just in june
And similarly, so many people there have been
Without whom heaven would lose its sheen
And I haven’t been their only love
They’d want others too, in their home above
The others would then have their own chain
Their first kiss, their flings, the hearts they’ve slain
The girls they’d bring along wouldn’t know me
So Like a good host, I’d say hi, and well, the rest is easy
So then I’m sure in heaven too
I’d fall again, for a maiden or two
Then they’d be hurt like there always is
So much then, for eternal bliss
Maybe hell with its eternal fires
Shall distract me enough from female attires
No dear devil, this is not a wish
But why bother with hell when life is such a bitch
Why did you create hate and anger and lust
When love itself is evil enough
Hmmm… love, evil? How did I get to this?
Love is divine, it’s pure, it’s is all there really is
I was wrong, love is incredible what can I say
Love, … ah, let me just tell you about this girl I met today

………………. We’re all doomed

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Zedekiah said...

Awwww........I just got another perspective....Very sweet. is adorable. :-) not fair, so not fairr