Friday, January 16, 2009

A bitter man

He died an old man
His bed smelt of bitterness
His first words to the lord were
"You should have taken me when I was young"

A few days before that
He could still fight the tears
The pain in his bones he couldn't ignore
But he could remember the songs he had sung

It was a few years before
That he no longer liked music that was new
He heard the same songs, played in loop
But the youth and their 'music' ceased to be pure

He knew his youth had gone
Long before the doctor told him so
He knew it when he ran out of the rain
Because the tie he wore had a presentation to show

In his youth the rain had smelt of love
Of passion, of purity, of the girl he was with
Love made the world make sense while it lasted
And though he no longer thought he was God he still loved the myth

It was tough not to think he was as a child
When he could laugh at the mistakes others had made
When there was no time behind, no omni present report card
No reason to walk on the path the others had made

The seed could still believe it was a flower
Even when the thorns started to appear the rose was still a dream
But when the bark grew its thick hide the hope was last
He was just another tree in the forest fighting to reach the gleam

When he finally saw God he said, you should have taken me then
When I was young, in love and when my dreams were still free
God looked at the bitterman who's soul would soon heal
And said "at least now you're happy to see me"

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sweet child of mine

Why would you ask me if the stars are lonely,
If a world without love would be better than ours,
From which corner of your heart do these questions come,
Questions that no man would have an answer to

All I have is a touch that tries to say it’s all right
It’s all right to not understand the world we see
There are many days to figure out the answers
And one of the days you’ll see, you don’t need to

Why greet with love every passing stranger
Why trust a smile when it faked with such ease
Why my child, do you see such good in all people
It worries me how you walk into all the stretched out arms

I have walked amongst lies for so long now
The truth in your eyes often makes me cry
Why have I learnt so much that all I can teach is deceit
Tell your eyes not to try to teach me to smile

Sleep my child for your dreams are free
Dream it all before the world takes them away
Or perhaps you shall fight against those who teach us to fight
Fight for your choice to not fight at all

I am sorry my child, for this is the world I must give you
Wish there was another world closer to the heavens
For now sleep and dream the dreams only you still can
I shall stay awake to keep the nightmares away