Saturday, June 21, 2008

Smoking against the wind

So then, come October 2nd and smoking in public places in India is going to be illegal. A few days later on my birthday I am going to make this wish as I blow out the candles "Let there be no tide of luck against me, let my loved ones stay happy and let parasites eat Mr Ramodass from the insides starting with the most delicate regions of the male anatomy."

I've been trying to think of minority protection and how in the lose sense of the word, smokers form a minority and maybe if I was to start a religion of which smoking was an integral part the ban would have to be reconsidered. I would love to see parades outside the India gate, maybe even the taking over of a radio station or two but alas Rang de basanti is not meant to be about the teeth coloring effects of ciggarettes.

So then, what does an impassioned man like me do?

Answer - He starts thinking about quiting smoking

Problem- It's supposed to be the toughest thing to give up

Problem number two - Have been smoking a pack a day for two years now

Problem number three - I don't want to

Despite the issues it needs to be done. Despite my protests it probably does play a role in keeping my tonsils as inflated as the perfect girlfriend, it probably isn't going to help in my efforts to become a combination of Mohommad Rafi, Elvis and Axl Rose and I shall be making a lot of people very happy.

As my faithful readers would know, I tried quitting recently. The clever ones amongst them would have noticed the use of the word tries. The filtered nemisis is back. If only I could a substitute. Love would be nice but thats a whole other blog in there.

Either ways, mark my words, I shall overcome, the will shall triumph, the mind shall beat any addiction, sorry ITC but I have to look after my lungs. May God help me in my quest. Soon, I shall quit and you, dear reader, will be the first to know when it happens.

Anyway, have to go, now then, ...............where's the lighter

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Zedekiah said...

Friend or foe...the inveitable must be done...

For now...a low echo...half a pack a day...ah where is that lighter... :-) more wisdom is only a good thing