Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lost wisdom, clap on a slap and the end of an era

Had an eventful day, the highlight of the day was clearly the dreaded farewell the first wisdom tooth to leave me. It was painful for two reasons other than the usual. First, the name, losing wisdom tooth, losing wisdom. I don't mind, gives people an obvious joke to let them feel clever but losing any part of your body, even if it was called the sneezing tooth, would still have a melancholy attatched to it. Ooh.... since I'm taking anti biotics for the missing tooth I am allowing myself to have the only thing I can have forsaking the tonsilitis or larygitis or letsfuckhislifeitis or whatever it is I have. What else, met an old friend who's taken a path I could have taken very easily, it's interesting when that happens and gratyfying when there's no jealousy. Hmmm. . . . . . This is what I have against this blog diary concept, why would anyone want to read this...... If no one would why would I want to write it........ Ooh, that reminds me, here's the thing I really wanted to vent my feelings on.
Went to see a film "mere baap, pehle aap". There is a charachter of an oppressed husband in the movie who is dominated by his wife all movie long. Near the end of a film, in a scene that the two charachters were obviously built up to, he slaps her in front of all the other charachters. People clap. In a country where a large number of women are still abused, where its illegal to hit your wife, where women are still struggling to be accepted as equals, why was it made, why did the actors accept it, why has the censor board passed it, where are the womens rights activists and why does the fact that men clapped the only part that isn't surprising. On the other side, maybe I'm being oversensitive and the film maker was expressing a personal opinion.
I have to change topic.
I just remembered the real highlight of the day. Am using the tooth thing as a chance to quit smoking. It's now 806 waking minutes since I've had a drag. That's by far a record for the last three years. I guess it's time to put down in writing how serious I am about this. Guess I am. Makes sense to quit. Sense of loss. Like I'm betraying the ciggarettes I could have smoked. I have to wrap this up. Too much thinking about smoking. That's how I've survived the day, not thinking. Not thinking about smoking, not thinking about what the doctor was up to with sharp instruments inside my mouth.
I detest the concept of surgery. Doctors are pompous, the ones that perform surgery even more so and the one I went to was a highly skilled, very well respected, young, brilliant doctor so obviously he believes that he is above almost every living thing. And not in a bad way, it's in a condescending, I shall take care of you, don't worry it happens kind of way. He's also a friend I meet sometimes at the coffee place so that made it worse but like before I hated the........... can't find the words.... the command I guess.........authority......... It's actually more like an objection of supremacy. Let me put it this way, God mad man, man made a car. The way they look into you is like a mechanic looking into a car. Do the maths. But, swell guy.
Anyway, 812 minutes........ Gotta go.

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