Monday, June 16, 2008

Almost love

“Almost,” she said, I think she smiled as she said it, she said no more. It was almost love and it was almost lived. What is the distance that makes the word? Heaven and hell, an inch between two lips? It’s a big word.
“Love,” I finally said. I don’t think I smiled. I hadn’t heard the word for so long it was a miracle I still remembered how to say it. It wasn’t as the punch line of a joke, it wasn’t belittled with other words making it part of a sentence. I just said the only word worth being spoken, the only one that made sense. It was just a word but it was all I had.
“Truth, lies, sex, drugs, patience, sleep, tomorrow, now, then, later, why, how, heaven, hell, bibles, angels, comfort, poverty, famine, disease, space, war, terror, God”. People say these words. No one smiles. They’re not love and they’re not even almost. The words don’t matter.

Feels nice to ramble, haven't done that for long. No opportunity and no reason, this blog changes the no opportunity and as for reasons, ah well, they come when you want them to. So, a toast to begin this blog........... to free writing, free spirits, to reasons that come when you want them to and people that you stop wanting because you know they will never come. To a five month trip that is soon to begin and to a twenty three year old journey thats still going on. To such self indulgent lines, to everyone who has found this and is reading this. To not wanting to end a blog because it's your first and you realize you're enjoying this. To the smile you hope you just got. To wondering why you're referring to your own self as you. To realizing it's time to end. To love, to us, to forever, ........... to words.

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Tanvi said...

hey.... guess no more blogging for you for a while...
read through al of them. Few of them didnt have comments but i dont know why is i chose to add one to this. Maybe coz its the first. Is it? ... its 3.30 am n m freakun dazed!!
well.. keep writin. Tani n i had a mad time reading the blogs n laughing.
Love you!