Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Maths and other issues

Times change
Here I am, I’ve forsaken my friend the pen for these twenty six letters in this weird arrangement
Ok, that was fun but I miss the pen, the paper, the possibilities. Pretty much same deal happening here but ..... you know. And now this mechanical electronic thing has becomea habit, and habits, as every blood coughing smoke exhaling chappy will tell you, are hard to break.
There’s another habit I have........ cribbing.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m an optimist, I’m so much of an optimist that I want life to be perfect, I don’t see why it cant and so I carefully ponder the few twelve million or so things that stand between me and the perfect life.
Ah, issues.
I remember early issues, homework, balls getting lost, getting into above eighteen films, making the next level in contra, getting the one wheelie bicycle jump going (for the record, ouch, ouch, ouch and then…… whatever, I’m sure it looks cooler then it feels), making sure no one saw me as I air guitared away to swamp thing with my bat, making the school cricket team, making sure the school team was well hydrated as the water boy, wanting to make a huge score in the first match I got to play, wanting to learn black magic to get that pompous dancing twit who skittled our team for nine runs, I mean, what kind of name is sreeshant anyway. Then there was maths and I’m going to stop there because no issue tops that.
Ooh wait, girls.
Anyway, I remember as a kid I used to hate grown ups saying, “enjoy this time kiddo, these are the best days of your life” and I used to think “just wait you cheek pulling, cheap birthday gift giving fatties. When I grow up I’m going to know what a cool allowed to drive-can stay out all night-no homework phase of life it is."
Well, that’s partially true, guess am not really grown up but I dig this extended adolescence. Maths is still a big issue and I still don’t understand how I can work it out. The I-pod touch costs 17000, the mac air is 92000, the cool shoes are 5400, other stuff totals 94000 and I have 72 rupees left over after budgeting the ladakh trip..…….Never could figure out how to work those numbers.
Good news, the pimples are gone, dimples still didn’t come. Stopped worrying about the growing hair, now worrying about the falling hair. Stopped worrying about the height, now worrying about the slouch. The cracking voice grew sexy enough but it cant do sweet chaiaiai…aiaiaiai…ld of mine. . . . . ah well.
Hopefully, a few years down the line, with a cool job playing singing or writing or giving water to a cricket team, with good friends (ah God bless good friends), and with contra finally conquered I might just be able to fulfill the promise to self and proclaim that being grown up is the coolest phase of your life.
Now if only I could figure that sum out.
72 rupees log 22 = Packet of ultramilds + 8
Now maybe if we apply pthagorous and the integrate and then use a variable constant...........

………. Ah well, at least I got the number of letters right.
.........Please tell me I at least got the number of friggin letters right
.......... Ok I counted, I did, ha ha


raman said...

lolzzzzzzzzz... all i wanna say is.. njoy boy.. these r d best days... newaz we all r waiting to reach dat one stage... u know it... njoy the 5 mnth journey..

Zedekiah said...

Mr kapoor....from one writer to another....Standing Ovation....

Zedekiah said... have been linked on Toasties and Cheese :-)