Sunday, May 3, 2009


Eight dreams I call my own
Dreams of ashes, dreams of dust
One dream wrapped deep in lust
But I wear them all proud like a crown

Seven sins, I've commited 
Searched for other in vain
Skipped penance with disdain
But no light bolt ever struck me down 

Six hearts I've broken
Ripped them apart without regret
The six sweetest girls I ever met
Watched them drown and waved goodbye

Five myths of childhood past
Santa Claus and eternal love
Goodness of the good lord above
The silly white truth and the sinister lie

Four paths I've walked till I realized
They wound up at the same old place
The same old I, just a wiser face
New rhymes, new meter but the same old thought

Three people though I've surely been
This one lost child, lonely and dark
This self assured youth, with just a bark
And this man who could but who decides to not

Two women I loved in times gone by
Gave them all I had, sweet and sour
A soul, a heart and a purple flower
The delicate dew drops and the harsh winter rain

One more chance to live it all well 
And I'd choose one dream, one love, one path to take
They'd be no myths, no sins and no hearts would break
Alas, clocks tick only forward and knowledge costs pain


unchained cacaphony said...

this is so amazing

Anjali Soni said... is so difficult to pen down one's own shortcomings, but u have done it beautifully well!