Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Belated metaphors

Smells like butterflies
Smells like wine
Smells like love
Human yet divine

Sounds like laughter
Sounds like sin
Sounds like secrets
That are best kept within

Talks like thunder
Talks like rain
Talks Like the wind
Self assured and vain

Laughs like gunshots
Laughs like a child
Laughs like a cat
Pretentious yet wild

Cries like death
Cries like crime
Cries without reason
But does it all the time

Sings like a kettle
Sings always out of key
Sings like an angel
Cause its always proud and free

Dances like the sunset
Dances like a song
Dances in the dark
But lets me dance along

Wants like the devil
Wants what is due
Wants all she was promised
Or she'll take it all from you

Touches like silk
Touches soft like snow
Touches like it's accidental
But always lets you know

Teases like thirst
Teases like winters months
Teases like a mirage
But then gives in all at once

Kisses like holy verse
Kisses like the waxing moon
Kisses like a queen
But breaks away all too soon

Loves like the ocean
Loves with no need to pretend
Loves like a need
That can never have an end

Smiles like sadness
Smiles like the sunlit mist
Smiles like she can see
A cruel joke that all have missed

Prays like a habit
Prays like a command
Prays like God
Owes her all she can demand

Sleeps like knowledge
Sleeps like mighty kings
Sleeps like she knows
What gifts tomorrrow brings

Hurts like an end
Hurts like a flame
Hurts like a warrior
Without guilt or shame

Left like innocence lost
Left like she never meant to stay
Left like time would heal
But I still hate her every day

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