Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A muffled scream

What is there to love,
In me or anyone else
I grudge you not your indifference
I’d just rather you hate me instead

I’ve been lower before and I’m still here
This life wouldn’t give up, there’s nothing left to kill
It’s not because I think I’ll win, I don't give a damn
It’s just that giving up is harder still

What is there to love,
In you or anyone else
I hate not your scars
I’d rather love you instead

You like to laugh,
I don’t mind your jeers
But don’t cry for me,
I can’t ignore your tears

To you who still loves me
I’ll keep giving you reasons to not
You deserve a better prize at the end
But I’m afraid, I’m all I’ve got

To the rest, the doors have closed
There's nothing in my sould I want you to see
I'll hate you forever and walk into the dark
Would still be nice if you'd walk with me

1 comment:

Tanvi said...

to you who still loves me... that entire para- is like me in ma head :D
wiah i could write like you..... would feel lighter