Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I shivered, did I not
As the first drop fell
As the trees grew louder
And the earth grew a smell
As lightning burst overhead
I shivered, did I not
As I saw the place of horrors
Where I knew my body would rot

The tallest trees, with vengence full
The longest snakes, as black as lies
The cold night and the wet grass
My last resort, to close my eyes

I smiled did I not
As I saw her face
Remembered the girl I loved
Remembered better, lighter days
And in my mind the sun grew tall
And birds chirped on those magic trees
A river called out from far away
Like music through the golden breeze

I opened my eyes, it was still night
I spread my arms and looked up at the rain
I shivered and smiled and hugged the cold
I closed my eyes so she could find me again

1 comment:

Shivalika said...

ahh..lost ..totally..