Friday, May 8, 2009

The worst habit of all

Some jokes must never be laughed at
Even though you know they promise the sweetest laughter
The joke's impolite so you bite your lips

Some dances must never be danced
Even though they're divine, you know you'll like a fool
So you stand in a corner and watch the others for tips

Some tears must never ever be cried
Even though you know they would release the pain
You swallow hard and you let the feeling pass

Some paths must never be walked
Even though you smell the lilies blossom beyond the rise
It’s someone else’s garden and mustn’t trespass

Some letters must never be sent
Even though they'd be the perfect start to a great love story
You let them die as a draft, you let the words drown

Some loves must never be lived
It hurts so much, you see you should have danced and laughed
Never formed the habit of letting yourself down

But some habits. . . . . .


Dee Dee said...

I a lot

Saahil Kapoor said...

Just when I thought the blog was becoming redundant thanks to the facebook notes. . . . thanks for affirming that someone is reading after all :-)