Wednesday, August 27, 2008

And she sings

Wicked games on the six string, life can wait
I want to listen, let me go
Tell me time will stand still, and all will be forgotten
Tell me please, that it can be so

Like a little boy I knew in days gone past
I dream of love and try to believe
But a man I met just yesterday
Speaks of doubt and refuses to leave

Like two lonely hearts talking late into the night
I close my eyes and refuse to see
Like the morning sun, I burn, but only myself
Keeping a secret that should not be

Like a child who’s just learnt to talk
The heart knows what it wants and it tells me so
Like the parent who regrets teaching speech
I shake my head, but the kid just won’t let go

Wicked games, I can play no more
Time moves on and memories are still true
I shake my head, the heart will move on
And she sings “I don’t want to fall in love with you”

** Written after watching Dilana (looking back this post should probably be titled 'an ode to dilana') and Magni perform a cover of Chris Isaac's wicked games. Youtube. Go watch, while I try and find a way to depose Magni and be next to my love. Oh wait . . . no passport. Damn.

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